Timor Leste

General Information

Timor Leste is the youngest state in Southeast Asia and offers an almost inconceivable wonderland for water lovers. The reefs, which are directly accessible from the beaches, captivate with incredible colours and healthy corals, which can only still be found in a few places in the world. Off the coast, blue whales, the largest living creatures on the planet, move along, while large schools of dolphins ride in the bow waves of the ships. The hilly landscape also offers fantastic views over the deep blue ocean.

During the whale season from mid-October to mid-November there is plenty of sunshine. Temperatures during the day rise to around 32 degrees, at night it cools down to between around 24 degrees. The water temperatures are very pleasant with 25 degrees. Everyone can swim without a wetsuit.

Our accommodation is located at the seafront of the capital Dili. From the hotel’s restaurant there is a fantastic view over the Strait of Wetar (waterway between Dili and the island of Atauro). With a little luck the high blows of the blue whales can already be seen from the hotel.

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Whales in Timor Leste

The absolute highlight of our trip to Timor Leste is the swimming with the blue whales. These gentle animals are the largest creatures that have ever roamed the planet. Every year between October and December these gigantic marine mammals migrate through the Strait of Wetar to reach the nutritious Antarctic waters. We often encounter these fascinating giants in groups and with a little luck they may even have calves with them. But that’s not all. There are more giants swimming in the area, the sperm whales. They hunt for giant squid in this deep ocean canyon. The seabed drops only a few dozen meters off the coast, perfect conditions for the descendants of Moby Dick.

During our trips we usually also encounter a more playful species. Big dolphin schools share the waters around Dili with pilot whales all year round. In the reefs around the capital also curious dugongs can be found. It is always an experience to watch these peaceful animals in their element.

For our tours Moby Dick Tours use comfortable motorboats, which make it easy to dive in and climb out of the sea. Snacks and drinks on board are provided.

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You live with us during your time in the beautiful Resort & Spa Novo During your time with us you will stay in the beautiful Resort & Spa Novo Turismo, which is located directly at the sea. The resort is located in the capital Dili, so many restaurants and bars are not far away. Also, the port of the capital, which we use for our trips on the ocean, is within walking distance. The resort captivates by a nice restaurant at the sea with an enchanting garden. A beautiful pool with bar and the spa area with fitness centre complete the offer.

The breakfast buffet of the hotel is rich, but also special wishes are catered for. While we have lunch in the hotel, we often leave the resort in the evening to discover other menus of the surrounding restaurants. Timor Leste’s cuisine is influenced by various ingredients. The Portuguese past is as recognizable as the location in Southeast Asia. Of course, many dishes are based on fish, but the culinary variety also provides enough options for veggie or meat lovers.

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Other Activities

In addition to the marine mammals, Timor Leste offers a wealth of opportunities to nature lovers, especially divers. A large part of our time will be spent searching for the giants at sea, but we do not want to withhold the beauty of the island from you.

We are happy to help you organize a diving trip, as Timor’s underwater world is unique in many ways. Only a few meters away from the beaches there are incredibly beautiful, healthy reefs with an impressive variety of species. We are happy to advise for your time before or after our week together. A few days on the neighbouring island of Atauro, for example, are definitely worthwhile.

Together we will discover some more highlights of the island. The view from the monumental statue Cristo Rei over the sea and Dili is breath-taking, especially at sunset. Besides, the National Museum informs about the eventful political past of this young nation.

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