Is swimming with whales dangerous?
Basically swimming with whales is not dangerous, as long as certain rules are followed and you behave respectfully. We follow local regulations as well as self-imposed guidelines during our encounters with the animals. For example, we only go into the water if the animalsdo not show any active behaviour, such as breaching out of the water. We also leave it to the animal to approach us. We only swim within sight.
Is there a guarantee to find whales?
The sea is not a zoo and in the wild there is always the danger that you won’t find any animals. However, we are at the right place at the best time, so that the chance of encountering whales is very high.
Is swimming with whales also possible in the Mediterranean?
Unfortunately, swimming with whales is not allowed in many places, or only with special permits. This includes the vast majority of European waters. In addition, whales do not frequent the coasts of most European countries too often, so sightings cannot be guaranteedwith sufficient certainty.
How much do the tours cost?
The prices for our tours vary depending on the destination. The tours all take place in exclusive small groups to ensure the best experiences and include a range of services. Details can be found on the respective pages and brochures, as well as under “Dates & Rates”.
Are the animals disturbed by the tours?
The animals usually spend only a few weeks in the waters around our destinations. In addition we behave passively in the water and leave the initiative to the animal. This limits the points of contact with humans. An active “chasing” of whales with large tourist boats seems to us to be much more detrimental to animal welfare.