Dominican Republic

General Information

The Silver Bank is located approximately 100 kilometers north of the city of Puerto Plata in the waters off the Dominican Republic. This reef area is between 10 and 30 meters deep. According to a legend, about 400 years ago a Spanish ship sank here along with its silver cargo, which gave the Silver Bank its name. Pure sailor’s yarn? What’s certainly true: Here we find the watery nursery of the humpback whales. Every year thousands of humpback whales swim from the North Atlantic to the Caribbean island to mate in the naturally protected Silver Bank and give birth to their calves. Thanks to the many reefs, the water here is calm, although we are far away from the coast.

Climatically, our trip captivates by very pleasant temperatures. During the day the thermometer reaches about 27 degrees, at night it gets a bit cooler. The water temperature is 23 degrees. A thin wetsuit keeps the body warm at all times. We live on the Vessel “MS Sea Hunter” surrounded by humpback whales. The ship has 10 spacious cabins with bathrooms, a dining room and a sun deck from which you can watch passing whales all day long.

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Whales in the Dominican Republic

The humpback whales are the stars and also the absolute highlight of this certainly unforgettable journey. In the winter months the Atlantic humpback whales travel to the Caribbean Sea to mate and give birth to calves. Then they are drawn back to the cold, fish-rich north. Up to ten tours give us plenty of opportunities for whale watching in the Dominican Republic. The encounter with mother and calf is particularly impressive. Curious and playful, the young approach the little strangers under the watchful eye of its huge mother. But the eye of the huge mother is always alert. You can read how to enjoy a stress-free encounter under “The Experience”. The males who are willing to mate provide special action. When hormone levels go crazy, they race after the females and outdo each other in so-called “heat runs”. What men don’t do for love. Even from the mother ship we experience the huge breaches of the mammals.

To swim with the humpbacks, we use small tender boats to get into their proximity. The benches in the boats provide a nice comfort – no comparison to sitting on the tube of a zodiac for hours. For the small hunger or thirst there are enough snacks and refreshments provided.

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During your time with Moby Dick Tours the MS Sea Hunter serves you as a floating hotel. The Sea Hunter is a former dive ship of the oil industry. It combines the functionality of a working ship with the interior of a modern yacht. In addition to the ten comfortably furnished passenger cabins, there is a dining room where you can enjoy fresh meals prepared by the crew. In the mornings and at noon we serve ourselves at rich buffets, in the evening we let the day end comfortably with multi-course menus. The crew will make every effort to meet special culinary requirements.

A beautiful lounge with many books and films invites you to linger. Finally, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the ocean from one of the outside decks. Again and again, swimming, playing or jumping whales come into view.

In the mornings and at noon we serve ourselves at rich buffets, in the evening we let the day end comfortably with multi-course menus. The crew will make every effort to meet special culinary requirements.

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Other Activities

For the quiet hours or in the evening we offer enough possibilities for relaxation or entertainment. Enjoy the bright sun on the deck with a good thriller from the lounge or admire the endless starry sky at night. In the lounge you will also find the usual board games and electronic media. Entertaining presentations will acquaint you with the protection and life of whales today, as our dear friends are still at great risk.

Use your time in the Dominican Republic. We from Moby Dick Tours will be happy to help you plan your time before or after our trip to the Silver Bank. The island offers you highlights that couldn’t be more different. From the largest salt lake in the Caribbean to the mountains of the Cordillera Central to the paradisiacal tropical landscape of the Samaná Peninsula with its secluded beaches and hidden bays.

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