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General Information

There is hardly any other region in the world with such an extraordinary diversity and density of marine life as the Baja California region in Mexico during the winter months.

Grey whales and their young in the Bahia Magdalena, gigantic blue whales off Loreto, gentle whale sharks & sea lions near La Paz and acrobatic humpback whales around Cabo San Lucas – all this and much more is possible in just one eventful eight-day round trip in a picturesque region!

Climatically, Mexico impresses with extremely pleasant temperatures at the end of February. During the day, the thermometer reaches up to 30 degrees, at night it is much cooler. The weather is extremely stable – this means lots of sunshine and fantastic sunsets with beautiful colours. A dream for every photographer!

The guided tour is completely organised for you. All accommodations are reserved, transport, tours and meals are included. So, you do not need to worry about anything.

We stay in very nice and clean 3 and 4 star accommodations at all locations. The restaurants are also carefully selected by us – you are free to choose your meal from the menu!

Our tour starts at the end of February (February 27th, 2021), the best time of the whale season. During these days we have the best chance to see all species.

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Whales in Mexico

After getting to know each other and an optional first whale tour in Cabo San Lucas, we set off early on the second day for the famous Bahia Magdalena – a world-famous nursery for grey whales. Every winter they enter the waters of Southern California and Mexico to mate or give birth to their calves. The Bahia Magdalena is one of the main breeding grounds. The protected bay offers hundreds of whales protection from natural enemies and the young animals enjoy safe first weeks of life. It is also incredibly special that the animals here are not shy of people and with a little luck they will swim actively towards our boat to be stroked!

After the Bahia Magdalena, we set off from Loreto in the Sea of Cortez in search of the largest creatures that have ever inhabited our planet – the blue whales! These giants of the sea spend several weeks a year off Loreto – a fantastic opportunity to observe these animals.

South of Loreto is the city of La Paz. The bay in front of the city is home to the biggest fish in the world – whale sharks! We experience these gentle giants not only from the boat – but also from below the surface by snorkelling. We also have the chance to meet sea lions in La Paz. These nimble joyful creatures dance all around us through the water, a wonderful experience!

Back in Cabo San Lucas we set sail for the last time to watch the acrobats of the sea – humpback whales! These whales are also here in Mexico to mate and give birth to their young. Especially the area around Cabo San Lucas seems to be very popular with the humpback whales!

Besides the humpback whales, grey whales, dolphins, schools of mobula rays or orcas also appear here frequently. Nowhere else can you find so many species in such a small area as here in Baja California!

Please note that it is not allowed to swim with whales in Mexico. Therefore, we observe grey, blue and humpback whales from the boat. On the other hand, we are allowed to go into the water to snorkel with whale sharks and sea lions.

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On our round trip we will spend two nights in Cabo San Lucas, two nights in Loreto and La Paz, as well as one night in the Bahia Magdalena.

All accommodations are 3- or 4-star hotels, selected for their facilities, comfort and cleanliness. Also, the friendly staff impresses with the typical Mexican hospitality so that we feel at home right away.

From a culinary point of view there is a lot to discover on this trip. The Mexican cuisine is world famous and offers an abundance of fantastic dishes for all tastes. At all the places we visit, we will take you to selected local restaurants to introduce you to the Mexican cuisine. It offers way more than tacos and fajitas! Since we are located near the sea, there is often the opportunity to taste fresh fish and sea food. Of course, vegetarian meals are also available.

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Other Activities

In addition to our numerous tours on the sea, we would like to show you other places and some sights of this unique region.

In Cabo San Lucas we visit the local museum, which tells us a lot about the historical and cultural aspects of the area. We also take one of the popular sunset rides to see the famous rock arch of Cabo in a special light. In Bahia Magdalena we climb the local dunes that form the bay and in La Paz we visit the Whale Museum, among other places.

Of course, you also have the possibility to relax or to do something on your own. We will be happy to advise you about different options.

Especially Cabo San Lucas is a very popular holiday spot, which invites us to stay. Why don’t you stay a few more days after our round trip? We are happy to give you further information.

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